Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The BBC finally get off their complacent liberal arses and report some news, but not all

I see on the BBC1 10pm news that the BBC have finally got around to reporting that which I reported on on Saturday - the birth rate amongst immigrants (59% in inner London). The BBC even used the word "immigration" in a non totally positive way.

Mind you the next story about the man who is described as a "violent fanatic" and "head of a terrorist cell" who planned to behead (and film the beheading of) a British Muslim soldier. Oddly the BBC did not report that Parviz Khan was a religious Muslim, as were the other defendants. The BBC web does include this information albeit some way down the story. Take a look at the pictures of Parviz Khan, that mark in the centre of his forehead is there from it rubbing and banging on the floor during the five times a day prayer, it is a sign of religious observance of Islam.

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