Tuesday 14 July 2009

The BBC/Labour relationship in one video clip

Harriet Harman instructing an obedient David Dimbleby to try and stop Ian "A quiet man" Duncan Smith from embarrassing the government.

Absolutely disgusting and I know that I have seen that sort of thing before on Question Time, if only I could remember when. I think it was Harriet Harman that time as well.


Not a sheep said...

The more I watch this clip the more I am disgusted by what I see. Has anyone ever managed to quiz David Dimbleby about this extract?

Anonymous said...

What was it that we're supposed to be annoyed about? She said something to him, and he then interrupted IDS, but you can't say that one led to the other. All David Dimbleby does on that show is interupt and challenge the speakers - that's what he's there for. He does it to everyone - well, to all the politicians anyway, he usually gives journos and business types an easier ride.

By the way, Dimbleby is not employed by the BBC, he's always been a freelancer.