Wednesday, 21 November 2007

AIDS, research & funding and Man Made Climate Change and the UN - all in one article!

According to the Washington Post, "The United Nations grossly overestimated both the scope and direction of AIDS infections, its scientists will admit later this week. The actual numbers in almost every theater have proven to be much less than UN reports indication, in some places less than half of that asserted. Outside researchers say that their demands for government funding motivated them to essentially lie about the gravity of the situation: The United Nations' top AIDS scientists plan to acknowledge this week that they have long overestimated both the size and the course of the epidemic, which they now believe has been slowing for nearly a decade, according to U.N. documents prepared for the announcement. "There was a tendency toward alarmism, and that fit perhaps a certain fundraising agenda," said Helen Epstein, author of "The Invisible Cure: Africa, the West, and the Fight Against AIDS." "I hope these new numbers will help refocus the response in a more pragmatic way.""

This is not a surprise to me, these scientists need funding and they will get more funding if they make the problem sound much worse than it really is. Hence the recent huge panic over bird flu.

Do you remember the massive deaths that would result from BSE (mad cows disease) spreading to humans as vCJD or nvCJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease)? Predictions were made that hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, would die from this disease. The scare stories were everywhere during the BSE outbreak in 1989 and for a few years afterwards. Do you know how many people have actually died from BSE in the 18 years since these predictions were made? Not 100,000, not 10,000, not 1,000 but 165.

Now what other world wide panic are scientists getting funding to "investigate" and "solve"? That would be Man Made Climate Change. The panel on global warming will publish a new paper, insisting the situation is critical and urgent and that the world needs to act now in economically crippling ways so as to radically cut emissions.

UN funded scientists have lied about AIDS infections why should we trust them about Man Made Climate Change, we already know that much of the data is fiddled to achieve the desired results. These scientists have a track record for hysteria and exaggeration to meet the requirements of their political paymasters.

One final point on the AIDS numbers; it is reported that the number of people living with HIV in Europe (including parts of Asia) has gone up from 1.25m in 2001 to about 2.4m now. Why might this be? Could it be anything to do with mass immigration from Africa? Just like the reappearance of TB in the UK, immigrations has been a prime driver and this government's almost total ending of border controls is to blame.

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