Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Radio 5 Live's Victoria Derbyshire

From Biased BBC this comment that if true needs a formal investigation by the BBC...

Classic Victoria Derbyshire at 10:14 am.

Woman caller who was not happy with Labour and the mess over the missing disks.

However, Super woman Derbyshire comes leaping to the defence of poor Gordon and Alistair. She tells the woman caller that the Tories would have made the same mess (no evidence for this of course and Labour have been in power for 10 years)

Then smelling blood, Derbyshire decides to ask this woman who she voted for at the last election (quite what this had to do with the debate on missing disks I don't know)

When the woman refused to tell her, Derbyshire clearly sniffed a hated Tory voter being online. When the woman caller said she didn't vote Tory, Derbyshire like the nasty little Nu Labour attack dog she is then suspected an even nastier political party. The woman caller kept her dignity and basically told the Dog (in a polite way) to mind her own business.

Funnily enough she NEVER asked one caller who stuck up for the Government (and there were quite a few this morning) if they were Labour voters.

Funny that.
Martin | 21.11.07 - 10:29 am"

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