Friday, 23 November 2007

Stranger and stranger

The bombing by Israel of the Syrian "facility" some 10 weeks ago caused less fuss than I expected at the time and the story has almost completely disappeared from the MSM. However it rumbles along in the Middle East press and the blogosphere. This article from the Israeli Ha'aretz news service may be of interest. It reports that Prof. Uzi Even of Tel Aviv University believes that the "facility" was not a reactor but "In my estimation this was something very nasty and vicious, and even more dangerous than a reactor...I have no information, only an assessment, but I suspect that it was a plant for processing plutonium, namely a factory for assembling the bomb."

Ha'aretz says "What reinforces Even's suspicion that the structure attacked in Syria was in fact a bomb assembly plant is the fact that the satellite photos taken after the bombing clearly show that the Syrians made an effort to bury the entire site under piles of earth. "They did so because of the lethal nature of the material that was in the structure, and that can be plutonium," he said. That may also be the reason they refused to allow IAEA inspectors to visit the site and take samples of the earth, which would give away their secret."

Interesting theory...

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