Thursday, 29 November 2007

Oh dear, oh dear

It all appears to be falling down around Gordon Brown's ears; he and his henchmen (and henchladies - or would it be more politically correct to just say "hench"?) seem to have more problems than they can deal with at any one time. The current sleaze problem is not disappearing and I don't think that launching internal Labour party enquiries is going to fool anyone. The paper is claiming that "Gordon Brown's chief fundraiser advocated the use of unlawful third parties for donations, it emerged today. In a potentially explosive revelation, it's been reported that Jon Mendelsohn suggested that at least one Labour deputy leadership campaign should use a "network" of people to cover up the real identities of donors."

Do read the rest of the story, if it is true then it is dynamite.

Also do take a wander over to Guido Fawkes's site, he is right on top of this story and all associated matters.

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