Monday, 26 November 2007

Tipping point

I wonder if the events of the last few weeks: Northern Rock, incompetent handling of data and now the Abrahams funding story; mean that we have finally reached the tipping point.

I believe that we may have reached that point where the derision of Gordon Brown and the Labour party reaches beyond the blogosphere and into the mainstream. I blogged last week about Graham Norton's joke and then we had some nastier than I was expecting remarks on Have I Got News For You on Friday. Today it seems as though the Sun newspaper maybe about to turn on Gordon Brown, the hints have been there before but today that point is noticeably closer.

Gordon's supporters in the Guardian will continue to support him and the BBC will continue to allow Labour apparatchiks like Dennis McShane to obfuscate as much as possible and to muddy the waters without challenge whilst the BBC "experts" continue to shill for Gordon Brown and against the Conservatives BUT I think the public have begun to realise that this Labour government have brought political sleaze to a whole new level.

Whiter than white, don't make me sick!

Gordon, this does not look good. I think I will put some money on Jack Straw becoming the next leader of the Labour party.

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