Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Do you remember the "cones hotline"?

It would appear that Gordon Brown does.

According to Wikipedia, "The The Cones Hotline was a telephone hotline introduced by the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom John Major in June of 1992 to allow members of the public to enquire about roadworks on the country's roads and report areas where traffic cones had been deployed on a road for no apparent reason...The hotline was widely seen as being a waste of government resources, costing several thousand pounds per year to run. It was quietly disbanded in September of 1995, having fielded a total of fewer than twenty thousand calls."

Now our glorious leader has launched a "green hotline" to advise people on what they can do to cut their impact on the environment. "The new Green Homes Service - a telephone line, website and advice centres - aims to provide a single point of contact for people who want a "home energy audit".
It will also give advice on saving water, reducing waste and other ways to be more environmentally friendly."

The man is becoming more of a joke every day.

Like John Major, Gordon Brown became Prime Minister without an election, but unlike John Major he will not win a general election as Prime Minister. The bottling PM is about to reap the bitter harvest resulting from his 10 years of incompetent economic management.

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Fidothedog said...

If he really wanted to screw things, old cyclops could get Heather Mills to run it.

Give people advise on how to milk rats etc.