Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The ComRes poll in The Independent

As I previewed yesterday the latest ComRes poll in The Independent does indeed show a 13 point lead for the Conservative party. What is key is the voting splits which are "the Tories on 40 per cent (down one point on last month), Labour on 27 per cent (down six points), the Liberal Democrats on 18 per cent (up two) and other parties 14 per cent (up four)". This is a weird set of results from a polling organisation that generally gives Labour their worst polling figures compared to the other pollsters. The Conservatives are actually down 1 point (which is statistically insignificant) at 40%, Labour down 6 points at 27% and the Lib Dems up 2 at 18%, most oddly the "other parties" are up 4 at 14%. Is this just reflective of the Labour vote collapsing even further in Scotland and Wales or is there something else happening with the BNP vote? You can see the detailed data here and the October data here. If you have the time you can do a comparison, if I have the time then I will!

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