Thursday, 29 November 2007

Just asking?

The Prime Minister's web site normally has full video coverage of his monthly press questioning, it's where I catch up on what new government enquiries have been announced in any week. This month is slightly different.

The page is here.

"The Prime Minister took questions from local, national and international journalists today in his regular press conference. Areas covered included the EU Africa summit, Iraq, capital gains tax and the Middle East.

Read the transcript (coming soon)

PM confirms Mugabe decision

Film versions of the press conference are usually posted on the PM's site but will not be included this month due to issues of content and the Civil Service Code. The transcript has been edited for the same reason.

Read more about editing and the Civil Service Code

The press conference session, broadcast live from inside Number 10, usually lasts an hour and Mr Brown has no prior notification of the questions."

How odd that no journalists mentioned the David Abrahams affair

I then thought I would look at "editing" and the "Civil Service Code"

From the links provided, this is the "Transcript editing policy" - "We provide transcripts of many of the Prime Minister's press conferences, speeches and interviews as soon as we can on our website.

Sometimes it is necessary to edit the transcripts. This is either because in accordance with long-standing practice under the Ministerial and Civil Service codes, government websites cannot carry party political content, or because the audio quality has made it impossible to transcribe."

When I clicked on the Civil Service Code link I got this message "Page not found Sorry the page you are looking for cannot be found. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact the webmaster."

How odd, what is occurring?

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