Thursday, 22 November 2007

Sir Paul Gray resigned

We were spun that Sir Paul Gray had done the honourable thing and resigned. It now appears that in fact he "is set to remain on full salary pending a deal to let him retire on a full pension. Mr Gray, who was praised for quitting "as a matter of honour", will not lose a penny by falling on his sword, Whitehall sources predicted. Severance terms are still being worked out, said a spokesman for the Cabinet Office. But a senior source said: "He was due to retire anyway next year when he will be 60 and he is still being paid at present. I do not think this is going to affect his pension.""

Marvelous so what is actually going to happen is that he stops working a year earlier than planned, is paid a full salary for that year whilst not working and will then retire as planned on his full pension. That must have been a really hard plan to sell to Sir Paul Gray, mustn't it. This low-life Labour government looks after its own so well doesn't it.

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