Wednesday, 28 November 2007

A figure of fun?

I blogged last week that I thought the atmosphere in the country had changed "when Graham Norton made a joke about you and the audience laughed approvingly it struck me - you are now officially a figure of fun!"

Today Vincent Cable compared Gordon Brown to Mr Bean, bringing chaos out or order - much of the laughter was staged by Lib Dems and quick reacting Conservatives, but the quip hit home and is a great soundbite.

Like John Major in 1995, Gordon Brown is now a figure of fun. Gordon Brown has lost the respect of the country and his party will soon start to look around for a replacement.

Poor Gordon, he wanted to be Prime Minister for so so long but I don't think he envisaged it would be like this. If I didn't detest the man so much, I might even feel a touch sorry for him.

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