Friday, 23 November 2007

Newsnight on Gordon Brown's competence


"He was menat to epitomise competence", "labelled a control freak", "fingerprints seem to appear on every disaster" (I think the last one is right)

"Mr Brown finds his past catching up with him... failing the armed forces...Brown's pawprints can be discovered on QuinetiQ... have also fingered Gordon Brown...pitter patter of cost... disc gate...Mr Brown allowed personal debt to buiild up...competence was a dominant in cabinet...Gordon Brwon...trump card...trunp card "I've got the experience, the weight...another two and a half years, depressing but there you go..."

I think this might not be a common theme on the BBC which is a shame, I presume the Gordon Brown appreciation society will reconvene on Monday - current chairwoman Victoria Derbyshire.

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