Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Who knew what and when?

Curiouser and curiouser, ITV news are reporting that Janet Dunn, the wife of one of Mr Abrahams' employees, donated £25,000 to the Labour Party in January 2003 but didn't know about it, she and her husband are Conservative supporters. Mr Ruddick claims to only have made one donation of £80,000 not the figure that the Electoral Commission reporting of £196,850.

What of Margaret Jay's intervention? This is all really peculiar - from the Metro "Mr Benn said today they declined the cheque believing if Mr Abrahams wanted to make a donation he should do so in his own name. 'During the deputy leadership contest, Hilary Benn's campaign was sent a cheque by Janet Kidd for £5,000,' said a spokesman for Mr Benn. 'Margaret Jay, who was supporting the campaign, made us aware that this donation was on behalf of Mr David Abrahams. 'We didn't accept it because we felt that if Mr Abrahams wanted to make a donation, he could do so in his own name. We returned the cheque.' Subsequently, Mr Abrahams sent a cheque in his own name to Mr Benn's campaign, which was accepted and registered with the Electoral Commission." You can read more here.

I feel that there is more to come out of this story and it won't be good news for Gordon Brown; do you think he'll be having nice or nasty dreams tonight?

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