Saturday, 24 November 2007

House of Commons votes on matters of conscience

A most interesting article on Archbishop Cranmer's most agreeable website has moved me to comment once again on the control freakery of Gordon Brown. Apparently "The Opus Dei representative to Her Majesty’s Government is about to face a distinct dilemma. It transpires that Labour MPs will not be given a free vote on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, and therefore Ruth Kelly, as a member of the Government, would be obliged to vote for the Bill under a three-line whip. Traditionally, members are given a free vote on issues deemed to be a matter of conscience, but this appallingly amoral government considers that such issues should be determined not by the collective moral wisdom but by the politics of power. Labour’s Roman Catholic MPs have a particular dilemma insofar as they will defy their church if they vote in favour of the bill."

This government will brook no opposition to its policy of ending support for the traditional family. There can be no free vote on matters of conscience; when the government is always right why should MPs be allowed to vote any other way? We are all to be considered the property of the state, who will grant us what liberties that it sees fit so to do and will care for us and protect us as no old fashioned family ever could. All we will have we will we will owe to our glorious leader. Sorry but I have just been reading Private Eye's "Prime Ministerial Decree" and it tends to set me off.

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Anonymous said...

Also none of us in our Nation the once highly noble USA wish to be the Hamsters of the NWO royal crowd. The first thing that Brown did when replacing Signor Blair was to give a "New World Order/Disorder speech" that to this day is giving away the rights and wealth of the British people. We must educate ourselves and break free from the Hamster Cage for the Banks are collecting on all humanity taking away Sovereign Nations for them to run the global world.