Saturday, 1 September 2007

BBC - absolutely no sense of respect

From today's Times "BBC accused of insulting war hero"
Now what? What new low could the BBC have plumbed?

"A BBC series on British cinema which has been criticised for its “sneery” and “witless” commentary is accused of reaching a new low tonight with an insult to the memory of Douglas Bader."
Insulting a brave war hero who lost his legs in a plane crash and then went on to defend his country, very classy...

"Group Captain Bader performed heroics as a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain, despite having both his legs amputated after a 1931 flying crash. An instalment of British Film Forever dedicated to war movies discusses Reach for the Sky, the 1956 Bader biopic starring Kenneth More. The voiceover, read by the comedy actress Jessica Hynes, says: “Viewers of this film might’ve thought they were having their legs pulled.”"
Insulting a brave disabled war hero by making a joke of his disability, classy does not even come close...

"Alison Graham, TV editor of Radio Times, said: “It purports to be a serious look at British war films, yet only British Film Forever would come up with that throwaway remark. I wonder who exactly this witless commentary is aimed at?”"
I would imagine it is aimed at the sort of person who just cannot believe that war is ever the answer and that anyone who speaks well is an upper class twat (see BBC view of David Cameron).

"The critics hope that the BBC will reedit tonight’s episode to remove the Bader remark, which appears designed to offend the audience most likely to tune in for a 95-minute special on British war films."
Will the BBC re-edit the show? I really do hope so, if not then the BBC take another turn downwards in my estimation.

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