Sunday, 2 September 2007

Two disgusting misuses of the Koran

You may remember the furore when a student in Americaflushed a Koran down a toilet. This was branded a hate crime and the cries about disrespecting the Koran were heard loud and clear.

I read today that customs officials in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, have recovered "huge quantity of heroin and hashish, concealed in the Holy Quran and religious books being parcelled to United Kingdom (UK) through International Mail office, Customs sources told The News...During the search, the raiding party recovered 5.5 kilograms of hashish and 710 grams of heroin concealed in the cavities of the Holy Quran and Tafheem-ul-Quran, the sources said." I expect the protests from Muslims throughout the world at this disgusting misuse of their holy book to be heard loud and clear... OK, maybe not...

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