Monday, 17 September 2007

The economy is FUBAR (part 2)

I blogged recently that the crash was coming. Today Alan Greenspan is reported to be warning of increases in UK interest rates and a doubling of inflation, he also predicts a world wide increase in inflation as China starts to consume the products that it has been selling so cheaply to the West. He also predicts a fall in US house prices, something that I have been predicting in the UK for quite a while now - you can read about Alan Greenspan's prediction in the FT here and my predictions on this blog. Alan Greenspan does have a book (or books) to sell, you can read a US review here but he knows what he is talking about. Alan Greenspan is not predicting world financial meltdown, I however am; we will see who is right...

You can read the BBC article on Alan Greenspan here or look around the web for better articles, I can't do everything for you!

Listening to Alistair Darling this morning on the Today programme, I think he knows that the game is up.

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