Monday, 17 September 2007

An uncovered policeman

One of my regular read is PC David Copperfield, I also have his book and I thoroughly recommend that you read both the website and the book. Now I read that PC Copperfield has come into the open, presumably risking his position in the Police Force as a result, and will be appearing tonight (Monday 17 September) on a Panorama programme entitles "Wasting Police Time". I would strongly suggest that you watch it, unless they have stitched Stuart Davidson up, his views are trenchant and accurate and a fine riposte to the cr*p that we are fed about crime and how we deal with it in this country.

UPDATE: Iain Dale's Diary: PC Copperfield Exposed#links#links says that PC Copperfield will be leaving the Burton-on-Trent police and moving to Canada to join the Canadian Police.

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