Monday, 24 September 2007

BBC PM programme

17:30 to 17:43 was 13 minutes of Gordon Brown adulation. An excerpt from his speech, quite a lot of the staged applause and then interviews with five or six current Cabinet colleagues about how marvellous Gordon Brown is, how fantastic his speech was etc. etc. etc. Then by way of contrast there was an interview with John Hutton who told us how marvellous Gordon Brown was and how he, a Tony Blair supporter, had been so pleasantly surprised by how marvellous Gordon Brown was. John Hutton also told the ever so gentle interviewer how Gordon Brown would only call a general election if it was in the country's interest and how Gordon Brown's decisive leadership contrasted with the shambles that is the Conservative party. Finally there was "expert" analysis from a BBC political "expert" who told us how marvellous Gordon Brown was and how he didn't think Gordon would call an election soon because he was so trustworthy and didn't want to be seen as cutting and running and so ruining his trustworthiness.

That was thirteen minutes of pro Gordon Brown coverage, do you think we will get the same next week when David Cameron makes his conference speech?

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