Friday, 21 September 2007

The coming General Election

Next week is the Conservative Party Conference, I think that in contrast to their generally favourable coverage of Menzies Cambell's speech and the Liberal Democrat's conference in general the BBC will be covering the Conservative conference rather more critically and especially questioning the leadership of David Cameron and the presence of splits within the party over grammar schools and Europe. The Labour government need a resurgent Liberal Democrat party to reduce Conservative gains in the coming election and the BBC will oblige their masters.

I have a feeling that Gordon Brown may be readying himself to announce a snap election and may do so on the day of David Cameron's conference speech so taking the spotlight away from David Cameron and rousing the spirits of his party. Announcing an election then would also reduce the chances of opposition to his policies being voiced at the Labour conference.

Of course the main reason to call an election now is that the economy is on the edge of disaster and the economic and political climate will not be as positive for a long while.

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