Friday, 28 September 2007

BBC censorship?

I blogged yesterday about the Mariella and Gordon love-in. Thanks to "Lurker in a Burqua" on Biased BBC we can see that the BBC have changed the caption under the picture of Mariella Frostrup within that article. The original caption was "Ms Frostrup is a family friend of the Browns", the new caption is "Ms Frostrup asked Mr Brown about the election date". You can see the original here and the new version here - Don't you just love Google cache?

What caused the BBC to change the caption? Surely Mariella isn't embarrassed at being fingered as a friend of the Browns. Surely Gordon isn't embarrassed that his tame interviewer has been outed as a family friend. Surely the BBC aren't trying to stop highlighting the friendship. Surely the BBC aren't doing Gordon's bidding or trying to protect him...

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