Monday, 24 September 2007

Poor Gordon, poor us (part 4)

I blogged twice in August about Gordon's indecision about calling an election this year. As I said in the second article "I actually hope that he does win because like the 1992 election (but more so) this is the election to lose; when the economy fails the government in charge will be blamed. So don't campaign too hard David Cameron, hold back on you best shots and let Gordon get back in. I so much want to see his face as the economy that he has talked up for so long tips over into recession. The blame for the misery this will cause for millions in this country will have to laid upon Gordon Brown and even the best efforts of the BBC and the rest of the MSM will persuade the public otherwise. The crash will be painful and many will suffer but that is a given anyway (it is all but unavoidable), the important thing is that Gordon Brown and the rest of this sorry government take the blame and the opprobrium of the British public." Since I wrote that article we have had the Northern Rock debacle and Alan Greenspan's exceedingly pessimistic predictions for the UK economy (which the BBC let Gordon Brown skate over so easily yesterday on the Toady programme), so what will Gordon Brown decide to do?

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