Saturday, 29 September 2007

Goodbye Jane

Jane Garvey is leaving BBC 5 Live and the BBC are asking for our fond reminiscences of her broadcasting genius. I did enter my suggestion yesterday on the relevant BBC suggestion page but oddly the BBC have decided not to use it. My suggestion was of course the subject of this post back in May. It concerned Jane's reminiscences about the 1997 election night party atmosphere at Broadcasting House as the BBC celebrated Labour winning the election. Here's the transcript of the broadcast -
"Jane Garvey: I do remember I walked back in - we were broadcasting then from Broadcasting House in the centre of London, all very upmarket in those days - and the corridors of Broadcasting House were strewn with empty champagne bottles. [Hearty laugh from Peter Allen] I'll always remember that. Er... not that the BBC were celebrating in any way, shape or form…

Peter Allen: No not all...

Jane Garvey: ...and actually I think it's fair to say that in the intervening years... er... the BBC, if it ever was in love with Labour has probably fallen out of love with Labour, or learnt to fall back in, or basically just learnt to be in the middle somewhere which is how it should be. Um, but there was always the suggestion that the BBC was full of pinkos who couldn't wait for Labour to get back into power. That may have been the case - who knows - but as I say there have been a few problems along the way over the last ten years. Wish I hadn't started this now. "

Ah, broadcasting genius...

Take a look at Biased-BBC for their coverage of this matter.

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