Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Burma & Tibet

It is good to see the MSM finally catching up with those of us who have been trying to alert the world to the iniquities of the Burmese military rulers.

Maybe the MSM could also look at another Buddhist country that has been pillaged by a military dictatorship; I refer to Tibet. Somehow I doubt that we shall see much coverage of the terror that followed the Chinese invasion of Tibet in the pages of News International papers.

I just caught the end of the Radio 4 Toady Today programme reporting on events in Burma and heard them wonder if China could get more involved so as to protect the pro-democracy protesters. Two thoughts came to my mind:

1) do the BBC not realise which country it is that has been supporting the Burmese Military Government over recent years. I found this article that really shows naivety "Beijing is traditionally reluctant to speak publicly about the internal affairs of other countries.", reluctant to speak but happy to invade Tibet though. China imports much raw materials from Burma and is also building oil pipelines through Burma to ensure ever more oil can reach China to fuel its plans for world domination economic growth. Also before the BBC praise China and its ability to help Burma, maybe they could broadcast the fact that "Beijing used its veto in the United Nations' Security Council in January to block criticism of Burma's military junta."

2) do the BBC not think that promoting China as a country that could help Burma's pro-democracy demonstrators is rather odd, have the BBC forgotten the Tiananmen Square massacre?

Does anyone else find it ironic that the Labour Government are standing up for the rights of the Burmese people to hold protest marches in Rangoon and Mandalay having previously stopped the British people protesting within one kilometre of Parliament without the advance permission of the Metropolitan police.

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