Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Economy is FUBAR (part 4)

For more on the faltering UK economy and why Gordon Brown has to call a snap election read this article in the Mail on Sunday.

"Even as he was making his triumphant conference address in Bournemouth, the cold winds of economic reality whipped around Mr Brown's ears. Moments before he took the stage, new data showed the Government borrowed a colossal £9.1 billion last month — the worst August on record and about £3 billion more than predicted.

In his final budget as Chancellor, in March, Mr Brown said that borrowing would fall this year — the August figures gave that the lie. " The Prime Minister will not have been happy to see the public finances once again failing to match up to Treasury forecasts," says Robert Chote, the director of the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies."

Any coverage of that on the BBC last week or this? Of course not, it's not part of the "narrative".

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