Thursday, 13 September 2007

Does anyone believe that Gordon Brown is a fan or Margaret Thatcher?

I saw the TV footage of Gordon Brown posing for photos outside Number 10 with Lady Thatcher and then ushering her in to share tea. Apart from noticing that the "clunking fist" has put on weight and looked as dishevelled as ever; has there ever been a worse dressed Prime Minister of this country? I also wondered if anyone believes that Gordon Brown has any respect for Lady Thatcher, has he ever made any positive comments on Lady Thatcher in the past? Apart from trying to get up the collective nose of the Conservative Party, incidentally it's nice to see Gordon Brown getting up someone else's rather than his own for a change, I believe that he has annoyed more existing Labour voters than fooled Conservative ones.

The sheer brass necked, pathetic nerve of this man is beyond belief.

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Anonymous said...

I really would welcome Gordon Brown making an attempt to tie Mrs Thatcher's shoelaces, because I think he wouldn't manage it, not being fit to do it .....