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BBC anti-Conservative party attacks

I have blogged previously about the BBC attacking the Conservative party and you can read much more about the BBC's inherent anti-Conservative and pro-Labour stance and especially their love-in with Gordon Brown at Biased BBC. Some comments in the Biased BBC forum caught my eye this morning and I repeat them here to show that there are people who will report on any BBC bias in this coming week. After the disgustingly pro-Brown coverage especially the PM programme, I have already said that the coverage of the Conservative party conference will be from a completely different angle and will include the compulsory "lurch to the right" comment if any Conservative mentions immigration whilst Margaret Hodge, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw etc. can "play the race card" without being accused of so doing.
My comments in italics

Comment 1:
Following on from Towcestrian's comments, the BBC kicked off coverage of the Conservative conference (6pm news on R4) quoting Alistair Darling berating the Conservatives over their review of Gordon's blundering mess of a tax credit scheme. The report ended with a threatening - 'the Tories won't be allowed to get away with any unaccounted spending plans'. Amazing really after Brown has just got away with a whole raft of unaccounted spending plans in his fantasy of 'personalised' health care and 'personal tutors' for everyone and education funding up to 21 for low income families etc etc etc. without any airtime given to the opposition. In the beeboid world only Conservatives have to be held to account. When the Great Brown Man speaks they get so choked with pride and emotion somehow no questions are asked.
Oscar | 29.09.07 - 6:24 pm |"

Oscar, the Labour spending plans are fully costed and workable, they must be they are the product of Brown and Darling, whilst the Conservative ones must be uncosted and either reckless or stringent cuts.

Comment 2:
The 5 lite attack dogs at work on the Tories already. Attacking a Tory for comments that some BNP supporters might have legitimate points. (what that our Country is being over run and turned into an Islamic state?)

Noticed that they didn't mention that Margaret Hodge had made similar comments not that long ago.

Martin | 30.09.07 - 8:52 am |"

See above Martin, see above. Nobody ever said that the BBC was unbiased; did they?

Comment 3:
You guys have got to check out Andrew (Nu Labour luvvie) Marr's interview with Cameron.

Endless question about Green Taxes and how they don't work. Don't seem to remember him asking Labour or Lib Dems about that?

Oh and as usual he's asking Cameron to justify every spending pledge. Yet last week Brown went down a huge list of spending pledges yet NOT a single question from the BBC as how to fund them.

Why not Andrew Marr?
Martin | 30.09.07 - 9:27 am |"

The answer to that is obvious Martin, it is because Andrew Marr is a BBC Labour supporting stooge.

Comment 4:
Martin - agree with every word. The contrast with Marr's interview last week when Brown was treated like royalty, and his attempt to humiliate Cameron this week couldn't have been greater. Marr even stooped to rustling around with the newspapers while Cameron was speaking. Why is a party that isn't in power (and on present polls is not likely to be in power) subjected to the third degree while the government gets away with fantasy plans for spending sprees with no questions asked. When policies that were dubbed as nasty right wing filth when Michael Howard produced them are suddenly hailed as wonderful when Brown spouts them, and when the BBC entirely jettison their green agenda in the interests of getting at the Tories, it shows the depths of their sheer unprincipled partisanship. When it comes to NuLab they've gone from being the feral press to the fawning press at a single brownite stroke.
Oscar | 30.09.07 - 10:32 am | "

Yes that would explain it Oscar, the bias is becoming so noticeable that I wonder if David Cameron should "go big on it" during his speech...

Comment 5:
William Hague gave a barnstorming performance to open the Conservative Conference packed with good one liners leaving the BBC spoilt for choice for their coverage. What did the World at One do instead? They didn't mention Hague's speech at all but spent ages playing inaudible sounds from Blackpool to show up some sound problems the conference had experienced. It was just ridiculous and petty and reveals what we all know - the BBC are openly campaigning for the Labour party in the run up to a possible GE.
Oscar | 30.09.07 - 4:54 pm |"

Any good speech must be ignored, the "narrative" is dissent, problems, splits and lurches to the right.

Comment 6:
And as a postscript - the R4 5 o'clock bulletin actually headlined (I paraphrase) 'On top of the bad news in the opinion polls the conservative party conference has had another setback' What setback could that be? Yup - the earthshattering information that there've been technical problems with the sound system. And they call it news.
Oscar | 30.09.07 - 5:45 pm |"

Any good speech must be ignored, the "narrative" is dissent, problems, splits and lurches to the right.

Comment 7:
It looks like the BBC has their 'narrative' for the Tory party conference all sorted out. There is a crisis in the polls, Cameron is struggling, there is a huge challenge ahead, there are appeals for unity, and some Tory ministers have made "extremely controversial" comments about immigration. Expect lots more references to "a lurch to the right", rumours of leadership challenges etc etc. Pretty much every report looks like it's going to be a negative one.
I expect that even sound Tory proposals will be headlined with the Labour reaction, i.e.; " the government has criticised the latest Tory proposals to..." - just as they did with John Redwood's proposals to cut red tape a few weeks ago.

Still, I expect the BBC reporters are looking forward to getting their teeth into some politicians, especially after the fawning and totally uncritical and unquestioning coverage that the Labour Party conference got last week.
bodo | 30.09.07 - 6:05 pm | "

As above, the "narrative" is dissent, problems, splits and lurches to the right.

Comment 8:
Voice of Reason:
Last Sunday Julian Worricker's programme had three guests who all agreed amongst them selves that they all wanted 10 more years of a Labour government. I was outraged by the lack of balance this displayed but presumed it was because of the Labour conference starting that day. Yesterday the programme had three guests who all agreed amongst themselves that David Cameron was rubbish and Labour was only only party worth voting for. |The BBC has now given up all pretense at being a national broadcaster and is now simply a vehicle for Labour propaganda
Voice of Reason | 01.10.07 - 11:15 am |

Why do the Conservative leadership not bring this up again and again. It is a disgusting policy decision by the BBC that needs attacking.

Comment 9:
The BBC has now given up all pretense at being a national broadcaster and is now simply a vehicle for Labour propaganda
Voice of Reason | 01.10.07 - 11:15 am

Agreed. It's incredible how blatant the BBC is about their diehard support for the Labour government. All fighting talk of independence died with the demise of Blair. Since Brown arrived the slavish adherence to Brown led spin and bully boy tactics against the opposition is pretty much complete. And the honourable exception of Andrew Neil, whose coverage of the Lab party conference was frequently 'off message' - is treated like a pariah in the BBC hierarchy. Wonder how long his programme will last with cuts looming.
Oscar | 01.10.07 - 11:42 am |

We all know it, but what can we do about it?

If you hear any more of this type of coverage do please add it in the comments to this entry in my blog.

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