Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Labour attacks on Boris Johnson & "Posh Tories"

I blogged here, here, here and here that I believe Boris Johnson to be a dream opponent for the Labour party and their in-house broadcaster, the BBC and how his "poshness" and being an ex-Etonian would be targeted relentlessly by them. In the aforementioned articles I showed a few examples, these incidents will increase now he is the official candidate but I see that Blinky Ed Balls layed into Boris Johnson and David Cameron yesterday, he described Boris as "a Bullingdon club throwback to a bygone age" and said that "David Cameron's back to basics is back-to-privilege" and that "they are still the Tory party of the privileged few". Expect to read, hear and watch much more of this over the run up to the General election and the London Mayoral elections, in which ever order they come...

Hazel Blears was at it at 08:40 on Friday's ToadyToday programme, even Edward Stourton sounded embarassed!

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