Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Where are the Conservative voters of 2005 now?

I blogged yesterday that there were several strategies that Gordon Brown could follow in order to a) win the coming general election and b) win a European Treaty referendum or avoid holding one. I finished by saying that "The anti-EU Constitution movement needs to galvanise itself and I am afraid that the priority is to support the Conservatives rather than UKIP because UKIP cannot win any seats but splitting the pro-referendum vote between Conservatives and UKIP will give Labour and the Lib Dems more seats than would otherwise be the case."

It would appear that one reason behind the Conservative's poor performance in the opinion polls is that 5% of the electorate (albeit on a small sample) that voted Conservative in 2005 now intend to vote UKIP. The Cameroonie's obsession with moving to the middle ground of British politics and so appeasing the BBC, may have lost them the Euro-sceptic supporters that they also need to win a general election. Of course the BBC having helped to get the most acceptable (to the BBC)of the Conservative candidates elected as Conservative leader can now help to attack him for his being an old Etonian, out of touch with the British public and so on. The same attacks that will be unleashed with even more ferocity on Boris Johnson once he is the official Conservative candidate for London Mayor.

The Labour government and their propaganda wing, the BBC, will do their best to ensure that we are ruled by a Labour government until the day comes when the European project comes to fruition.

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