Thursday, 20 September 2007

BBC fixing

There has been a lot of coverage of more allegations of BBC fixing phone-ins etc over the past few weeks, please see Biased-BBC for more details. One small item has tickled my fancy yesterday and today; there was a story that Blue Peter had asked viewers to vote on the name to be applied to the new BBC cat. However it was the name that came second in the poll that was declared the winner - Socks. So what was the name that won the poll that couldn't be used? I am pleased to report that Mrs Slocombe would be most happy that Pussy was the winning name. So do Blue Peter viewers have no originality or are they possessed of an incredible sense of juvenile fun or maybe "Are you being served?" is more popular that I thought amongst 7-13 year children.

UPDATE: What a shame, the winning name wasn't Pussy but Cookie.

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