Tuesday, 4 September 2007

"Lurching to the right"?

What is it with the BBC and the phrase "lurching to the right"? Whenever a Conservative talks outside of the liberal consensus then the BBC do like to say that the Tory party is "lurching to the right". They never describe the Labour party as "lurching to the left" or "lurching to the middle ground". The reason is obvious, the BBC feel that they must protect the country from ever having to suffer a Conservative government again. In order to do this, they will build up the more centrist candidates for Conservative leader and then attack them for any perceived "lurch to the right" and use the scare phrase "lurch to the right" to scare the public away from voting Conservative.

The BBC political bias is so blatant that it is becoming harder and harder for the general public to ignore. Sites such as mine (in a small way) and the more widely read Biased BBC & USS Neverdock must keep up the pressure and keep the articles coming, the public are getting more interested in this subject so keep at it.

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