Thursday, 27 September 2007

Gordon Brown is upping the temperature over the coming election

The Brown Broadcasting Corporation has upped the temperature over the possibility of Gordon Brown calling a general election here and here. It would appear that "Labour has begun recruiting people who would play an integral role in any forthcoming general election campaign, the BBC understands.
A number of individuals have been asked by the party if they could begin work next Monday, BBC political editor Nick Robinson says. Their jobs range from planning the logistics of campaigns to liaising with voters and the media. The recruitment process is not proof that a snap poll will be held, however. And advisers to Gordon Brown continue to insist that the prime minister has yet to decide whether to hold an autumn election." Surely Prudence Brown wouldn't spend money on wages for people to run an election campaign that isn't going to happen... Also "Women's minister Barbara Follett has fuelled fresh speculation about a possible autumn general election. Speaking at a Labour Party conference fringe meeting, she said there was an "80% chance", suggesting 25 October, 1 or 8 November as possible dates. Mrs Follett is the first minister to speak so explicitly about the chances of a snap poll and its timing. Skills Secretary John Denham has said opinion polls predicting election gains were "exciting" to see. Meanwhile, Ed Balls, schools secretary and aide to Prime Minister Gordon Brown questioned whether the greater gamble would be to wait before having a snap poll. Senior figures are suggesting a snap poll is now more rather than less likely and Mr Brown has again urged Tory supporters and members to join him. Mrs Follett told a conference fringe meeting: "When I came here I thought there would be a 40% chance - I now think there's an 80% chance. "It's about having a mandate, having a fresh start, whether its 25 October, 1 November or 8 November," she said."

There was an interesting letter in today's Telegraph "Sir- I have already been contacted by Electoral Services regarding my availability for polling station duties, listing all Thursdays from October 18 to the end of February, except for those in December. Admittedly this is described as a "contingency plan", but this is the first time I have known this to happen. Fay Davies, Barnet, Hertfordshire" I think the pressure is building and the planning so advanced that even cautious Gordon will feel the time is ripe to go to electorate.

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