Monday, 3 September 2007

The BBC yet again

I really wonder if the BBC even care about trying to appear impartial. After years of pumping out anti-Israel propaganda I find that the BBC have started advertising for a "“Project Director, Palestinian Territories” to advise Palestinian journalists". The job specification reads "The Project Director will be responsible for managing and co-ordinating delivery of the Trust’s EIDHR-Dutch co-funded project in Palestine titled: ‘Support for the Palestinian Media Sector with Focus on Building Sustainable Mechanisms for Professional Development of Journalists and Media Professionals’. The project aims to increase the level of networking and dialogue between media professionals in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

Improving links between Hamas and the BBC, is that possible? The BBC already broadcast pro Hamas "news" as a matter of course, even more noticeable since the "release" of Alan Johnston. Maybe this is part of the "price" that the BBC agreed to pay for this "release".

I was about to write that "I don't expect the BBC to be impartial in its coverage of the Middle East" and then I realised that I bloody well should expect the BBC to be impartial and the fact that I am not surprised by this sort of thing shows how far the BBC have lost the trust of the UK public. I don't think we need the BBC to release the Balen report, if it said anything other than that the BBC is biased against Israel in its coverage then the BBC would have released it.

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