Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Blog News (Further Update)

Two and a half weeks down and it is really hard work; blogging is definitely easier than working but alas not as remunerative . Can I take two more weeks of working at this pace and for that number of hours? Time will tell.

Actually I had a few quiet spots, hence the occasional spurts of blogging, and there may be a few more.


Grant said...

Mr. Goat,
OK, we got the message !
Let's talk male macho. I got up at 5.30 this morning, commuted 6 feet to my computer, started work at 6 am.
Apart from a 2-hour work meeting this morning, short breaks for food and dipping in to BBB-C and your blog, it has been all work and I haven't finished yet.
Sad life, I know , but at least I don't have to write a blog !

Not a sheep said...

Sorry Grant I was not trying to be macho about this, far from it. Truth be told I am exaggerating for effect!

Grant said...

Mr. Goat,
Well I was, gently , pulling your leg !
I guess , like me, you are self-employed, so have to take your chances when you can, but how wonderful to be one's own boss !