Thursday, 26 May 2011

The onward march of Islam?

From BBC Radio 4
'Islam Inc
From Africa to Kazakhstan, a new Islamic network is attracting millions of followers - and millions of dollars. Inspired by a little-known Turkish Imam, the Gulen movement has more than a thousand schools in more than a hundred countries as well as thinktanks, newspapers, TV and radio stations, a university - and even a bank. The movement's critics claim it's determined to create a new Muslim empire. It's supporters say it's just the expression of a modern, business-friendly Islam committed to human rights and democracy. Edward Stourton travels to Turkey to find out about the man who inspired what has become a global phenomenon - Fetullah Gulen. There he meets supporters and critics of the movement. He also talks to some of its most committed ambassadors - who are running its schools in Central Asia. '
I wonder which  side of the argument the BBC's Edward Stourton comes down on? Something tells me it won't be that of the 'movement's critics (who) claim it's determined to create a new Muslim empire'. Am I wrong?

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