Friday, 27 May 2011

Is this called jiyza?

I read in The Guardian that
'Arab countries in transition to democracy are to be offered as much as £12bn in aid, loans and debt relief as a result of pledges being compiled at the G8 group of nations summit on Friday. The money will come from international financial institutions and members of the G8.'
Yes, it seems that the West are going to throw even more money at countries who a) mostly have plenty of oil money that they often prefer to spend on their military or siphon off to their elite and b) whose 'transition to democracy' is very likely to mean the coming to power of Islamists who mean us considerable harm. Why are Western governments and pan-national institutions so stupid? Do they not realise that they are simply throwing money at people who hate us and thus aiding are enemies?

Are the conspiracy theories that Western governments are trying to merge Europe with Arab North Africa and the Muslim Middle East actually onto something? Is there a cunning plan being followed? I only ask because if there isn't then there seems to be a lot of incompetence out there.


Grant said...

I have no answer to your questions.
Maybe,I am stupid. Maybe the payments are in the nature of a bribe or some kind of insurance. I don't know why our politicians waste our money in this way and don't tell us what it is for. Surely, if it is a good bargain, they would tell us ?

Charters and Caldecott said...

Conspiracy theory? How about "economic integration and democratic reform across 16 neighbours to the EU’s south in North Africa and the Middle East"? That's Euromed, for you. Explains a lot, doesn't it?

Just don't expect the media to mention it.