Monday, 30 May 2011

Well I got that wrong

Been out all day, came home and turned on the cricket just before tea. At tea the Sky experts were saying that it wasn't all over and England could take 8 more wickets for not too many runs in 50 overs. After all the West Indies had bowled England out for that sort of score before. Yes indeed I thought but England don't have that calibre of bowler and this is not Sabina Park. Tea was taken in the Test Match and indeed at Casa NotaSheep and we settled down to watch a little cricket. My cynicism was exposed as England have taken six more wickets for 40 runs. Can they win it now? Maybe they can. Should I take up sport punditry? probably not a good idea!

Yes they can and did; well done England as I thought four frontline bowlers was not enough let alone three once Anderson went off injured as a bowler. I'd still prefer better than Pieterson and Trott sharing fifth bowler duties but what do I know about cricket?!


Grant said...

Amazing result ! What happened to Sri Lanka ?
No-one could have predicted that.

Not a sheep said...

I have heard people wonder if there have been any odd betting patterns... how can they be so suspicious!

Grant said...

Someone would have had to have bribed the whole team and organised it quite quicky. But not beyond the realms of possibility !