Friday, 27 May 2011

There is something deeply odd about this website

Sexy MP  states its purpose thus:
'In addition to my wanting to create a fun and memorable tool to help the British public get to know their Members of Parliament, I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to hold the first ever parliamentary beauty contest and find out once and for all which MPs and Parties have the most sex-appeal. Although I fully expect this to offend some people, this was never my intention and I hope you will see the funny side.'
The rankings seem to be based upon winning head-to-head contests. Here's the current top 10:


Sarah Teather #1
Sarah Teather

Liberal Democrat
Brent Central
Score: 2708
Won: 760
Lost: 242
Caroline Flint #2
Caroline Flint

Don Valley
Score: 2307
Won: 1740
Lost: 293
Louise Bagshawe #3
Louise Bagshawe

Score: 2282
Won: 2454
Lost: 437
Charlotte Leslie #4
Charlotte Leslie

Bristol North West
Score: 1933
Won: 595
Lost: 129
Zac Goldsmith #5
Zac Goldsmith

Richmond Park
Score: 1787
Won: 116
Lost: 17
Tristram Hunt #6
Tristram Hunt

Stoke-on-Trent Central
Score: 1782
Won: 122
Lost: 18
Priti Patel #7
Priti Patel

Score: 1877
Won: 454
Lost: 111
Liz Kendall #8
Liz Kendall

Leicester West
Score: 1856
Won: 434
Lost: 106
Mary Macleod #9
Mary Macleod

Brentford and Isleworth
Score: 1779
Won: 540
Lost: 110
Chris Skidmore #10
Chris Skidmore

Score: 1757
Won: 111
Lost: 23
Sarah Teather number 1, how can that be correct?Of those 10 Priti Patel would get my vote though, even her name is right.

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Doubting Richard said...

Sarah Teather? I knew her when she was 21 and a university student (she was my then-girlfriend's best mate), and she couldn't get laid then!