Thursday, 26 May 2011

The truth about Jerusalem

Earlier this week I promised a few posts about Jerusalem but unfortunately work has precluded me from doing as I promised. However I have found this excellent video that summarises much of what I was going to say. The key point is that there was no split between East and West Jerusalem until 1948 when the Jordanian army drove Jews from that part of the city and built walls to split the city into East and West.

It is disgusting that so much of the western media are spreading the lie that there is a western Jewish and Eastern Muslim Jerusalem. There was no division before 1948 and that division lasted just 19 years out of Jerusalem's thousands of years of existence.

The same can be also said of Hebron which we are continually told had no Jewish presence until after 1967. That is total crap; Hebron had a large Jewish community for hundreds of years, until the Arab pogroms of 1929 and 1936. The Arabs attacked and murdered all the Jews who didn't manage to escape. Oddly enough after that Hebron was indeed Judenfrei. In 1967, after winning a defensive war, Israel retook Hebron. Some Jews moved back there, without evicting any Arabs, and built homes. This was not creating Jewish homes on Muslim land it was repopulating a Jewish area that had been ethnically cleansed only 30 or so years previously.

It seems that too much of the western media and politicians are willing to follow the Muslim line that land once Muslim can never be other than Muslim. This line of thought is a dangerous one to walk down as in 1683 the armies of Islam reached as far into Europe as the outskirts of Vienna.

All of Portugal, virtually all of Spain and much of Southern France were once under Islamic occupation, as were Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Mallorca and the other Ballearic islands, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, large amounts of the Balkan states and as alluded to above - parts of Eastern Austria. There were two different periods of conquest the Western areas under Saladin conquests 711-1091 and the Eastern under the Ottomans in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Should all of these lands, as they were once Muslim be returned to Islam? Is that process already under way, albeit by stealth?

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