Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mark Steyn is not convinced by Barack Obama's 1967 borders fetish

'MS: And by the way, this is, I think, the pansy left’s view of the world, that if you take, if you have two parties to a negotiation, one party wants to kill the other party. That’s why there’s no, that’s was why there was no peace in 1948, no peace under the British mandate in the 1930s, no peace at the time of the 1922 partition, because one party to the dispute wants to kill the other. So if they are wedded to that, then you’ve got to put pressure on the party that doesn’t want to kill each other to make concessions, to keep throwing in enough concessions in the face of the beast that wants to devour it. And that’s…I think that’s…if you look at where he’s applying the pressure, I think that tells you a lot about the fundamental fraudulence of these negotiations. By the way, Hugh, would you negotiate with someone who wanted, would you trade land for you so-called right to exist? I mean, that’s what, even at their best, these people are offering. They’re dangling well, if you keep giving us enough stuff, we might recognize your “right to exist.” Well, screw that. I wouldn’t negotiate with someone who wants to negotiate over my right to exist, and their willingness to recognize it. And nor would you, and nor would anybody else. '
More at Hugh Hewitt.

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