Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A return to 1967 borders?

There seems to be a rather important point being missed in the discussions following Barack Obama's declaration that the peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians would have to involve a return to (allowing for some minor changes) the 1967 borders.

That point is that in 1967 there was no Palestinian state. So would the West Bank would be returned to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt, as they were the countries that lost the territory as a result of their military attack on Israel?

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Horse Racing Megasite said...

The Palestinians were there only one to exist because of the indigenous Palestinians took care of the Ottomans and Britain and they not mean that Jews can steal ethnic Palestine.The the Israeli government has rejected the comments of Obama, where the borders of 1967 unacceptable. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now in the U.S. and meeting with Obama in the White House.i just hope that it will work out.