Monday, 23 May 2011

Doctor Who catch-up (part 3)

'The Doctor's Wife' - After last week's rubbish, this episode was brilliant: humorous, thought-provoking and with the run of the TARDIS (unfortunately mainly corridors). This episode linked to many pieces of Doctor Who mythology (and one Monty Python reference - "I'm still alive") re the Doctor and the TARDIS. There was the history of the 'stealing' of the TARDIS and why it/she is so unreliable (or is it/she)? The portrayal of the TARDIS in human form brought to life the character that is in almost every episode of Doctor Who but never gets a cast credit; the often referred to "old girl" and occasional "sexy" TARDIS.

There was at least one hint of future plot developments, or maybe just a teaser for people like me, when the Doctor says that Tome Lords can change sex at regenerations; although we have seen Joanna Lumley as Doctor Who in the past, but I say NO don't do it!. There were back references galore including the Doctor describing himself as "a madman with a box".

A great episode, more like what I want and expect from Doctor Who than the dreadful 'The Curse of the Black Spot'.

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