Monday, 16 May 2011

The peace loving, opressed Palestinians... (updated)

These are the people that the BBC love to portray as innocent, freedom loving victims...

What do you think?

Oddly the Daily Mail is forever damned in the eyes of the left for having 'supported the Nazis in the 1930s', so why is this not true for the people who fought alongside Hitler's armies during the Second World War?

If it is wrong to damn a whole people in 2011 for what their forefathers did in the 1940s then is it right to damn a newspaper and its readers for what that newspaper believed in the 1930s?

If it is right to write-off the political views of The Daily Mail newspaper and its readers in 2011 because of the people the newspaper allied itself with in the 1930s then why is it wrong to to the same for the Palestinians now?

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