Sunday, 15 May 2011

If it doesn't further 'the narrative' then it doesn't get reported by the BBC

Whilst the BBC happily 'inform' people about protests against Israel they seem to have completely ignored the latest attack on Jews in Israel. Israelly Cool report (Haaretz source) that:
'Two trucks plowed down a busy street in Tel Aviv on Sunday morning, crashing into a bus, several vehicles and a number of pedestrians.

The drivers then sped off, leaving behind at least five casualties, one of them in critical condition. The driver of one of the trucks has been arrested.

There were immediate speculations that the incident was an attempted terrorist attack.'
Meanwhile JPost reports that:
'A witness who claims he stopped the “terrorist” who hit several cars on Tel Aviv’s Bar Lev Street Sunday, said he initially thought the driver had just lost control of his breaks.

Arik Levy told Israel radio that when he went to go help the driver, he saw him continue to hit cars and street lights, and heard him saying “Allahu Akbar” and “death to Jews.”

Levy said he ran up to the driver, the two struggled for a short time, and then police arrived at the scene after 10 minutes. '
Again the cry of "Allahu Akbar", now ehere have I heard that before? here, here, here and here for starters!

So why no coverage of this story BBC? Does it not meet your requirements of showing Israelis as the evil oppressors and Palestinians/Arabs as victims?

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Grant said...

Mr. Goat,
Anyone would think that, on this blog,you are suggesting that the BBC is biased against Israel. Heaven forbid !