Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Choices Pippa, choices!

I read at Joe that Pippa Middleton has been made three recent media offers:
'Weeks after being offered millions to star in a porn film, Pippa Middleton is now being courted by the two queens of US daytime TV – Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters.

The stunning younger sister of the newly-titled Duchess of Cambridge was offered $5m (€3.4m) by porn baron Steven Hirsch for “just one explicit scene” and her “choice of partners” in a letter dated May 6, however we reckon the latest rumours of screen work may be more to her liking.'
Don't just write off the porn offer Pippa; $5 million is a lot of money even with the improving Sterling-Dollar exchange rate and would it really be worse than appearing opposite Oprah or even worse Barbara Walters?


les.w said...

Her best bet would be a porn film in which she appears opposite Oprah and Babs Walters. Throw in a goat (to appeal to those of an anamist persuasion) and she'd be up for an oscar.

Grant said...

I am sure she will be keeping a close eye on the Sterling-Dollar exchange rate.