Saturday, 21 May 2011

The open air prison that is Gaza

'Welcome to Gaza is a documentary about Gaza city located on the Mediterranean Sea Coast in the far southwest of Palestine. The film reviews the ancient city dated to more than 5000 years. Further, it reviews the aspects of life which is full of vitality and liveliness; in addition to the hospitality of its people and the scenes of tolerance and love among people of the city, Muslims and Christians.'
No mention of Jews, just Christians and Muslims; weren't Jews living in Israel and Palestine long before Christianity and Islam came into being?

Meanwhile Gaza doesn't really resemble what the western media usually portray it as, does it? I have covered the disparity between image and reality of Gaza before, here is one post.

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Grant said...

What a big lie. The tiny population of Christians in Gaza are routinely persecuted by muslim extremists according to reports. I haven't looked at the video clip,but I bet it doesn't mention that !