Sunday, 15 May 2011

Doctor Who catch-up (Part 1)

I am so behind with my Doctor Who reviews, so this one is for episodes 1 & 2 of the new series: Stephen Moffat's "The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon". Hmmm, I am torn on these two. Part of me enjoyed the X-Files'esque shots and 1050's Sci Fi touches but other parts of me found the double Doctor timeline unconvincing and I find the obsession with RiverSong very, very irritating anyway. I watched both episodes and was not ever bored, however I did not want to immediately watch them again or even just think WOW! These were two average SciFi episodes but they were not must watch TV as other Doctor Who epsisodes have been previously.

I get the horrible feeling that Doctor Who may be losing its magic for me and if so I am not happy about it.

The next Doctor Who post will be about "The Curse of the Black Spot".


Anonymous said...

You can add Doctor Who to the list of things you're wrong about. The opening two episodes were mindblowingly brilliant and created a story arc that's going to develop over the split series.

It's travelling to emotional depths Doctor Who's not been to in the past, and Steven Moffat is being exceptionally brave to create a story line which doesn't spoonfeed viewers.

The episodes ask so many questions: who is in the space suit, what's with Amy's pregnancy, what about the child who's got some regeneration powers, who is River Song and is she Rory and Amy's daughter...the list goes on.

Mind you, The Curse of the Black Spot was a bit rubbish, if only for breaking the momentum created by the first two episodes.

Not a sheep said...

Is there anything I write about that you do not have an opinion about? Regardless, the first two episodes were anything but 'mindblowingly brilliant', they were poor.

Amy's pregnancy (positive/negative(I just don't care), the regenerative child is intriguing but nt another Doctor Donna type story please, I just don't care about River Song.

I can hardly believe that I am writing this... but I agree with you about The Curse of the Black spot.