Sunday, 15 May 2011

Blogger update

Blogger Buzz tells me that 'Blogger is back'. What I find most interesting are these two updates re missing comments:

'Update (5/13 7:46PM PST): Nearly all posts since Wednesday are restored, now bringing back comments from last couple days. We expect the comments to be back this weekend or sooner.'
Still weekend and my blog is still missing some comments, mainly from a very annoying commenter, but they are still missing.
'Update (5/14 5:37 PM PST): We're making progress restoring comments, some blogs with a lot of content are taking a little more time. Thanks for bearing with us.'
Does that mean that my blog is officially one 'with a lot of content'? That would explain why it takes so long and so much space to back it up...

1 comment:

Mike Cunningham said...

I think we all should be told the name of the 'very annoying commenter!

In the name of progress of course!